Chippewa Valley Music festivals

January 7, 2017
Wade Asher of Chippewa Valley

Engagement. Interaction. Branding. Sampling. Impressions. Connect your brand with the loyal fest consumer!

Summer after summer, more than 200, 000 music fans gather on the Chippewa Valley Music Festival grounds in Cadott, Wisconsin for the annual events, Country Fest (30th Annual) and Rock Fest (23rd Annual).

Your Brand has the opportunity to reach out to our loyal Festival audience through unique and alternative advertising methods. At the Chippewa Valley Music Festivals, you don’t have to worry about aggressive tactics that burden the customer; rather you get to make a memorable impact on them while they’re having the time of their lives!

What is the world's number one passion? MUSIC!

As a Sponsor of the Chippewa Valley Music Festivals, you may enjoy many on-site privileges including:

  • Unique activations
  • Prominent signage
  • Exclusive branding opportunities
  • Sampling rights
  • Jumbotron ads
  • Exclusive hospitality areas
  • Corporate VIP seats with complimentary meals and beverages
  • Mobile Ads
  • App Sponsorship
  • Ticket Sponsor
  • Website exposure…and much more!

The Chippewa Valley Music Festivals offers Category Exclusivity to our major Sponsors, as well as the first right of refusal for involvement in future festivals. Based upon your business’ marketing needs, the Chippewa Valley Music Festivals can customize sponsorship opportunities that are both effective and efficient, maximizing your impact and return on investment.

Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival
Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival
MSBOA Band Festival - 2010 Chippewa Valley Marching Band
MSBOA Band Festival - 2010 Chippewa Valley Marching Band
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