Musical Festival 2014

March 20, 2017
Musical Festival 2014 on

It was a true pleasure to have a chance to listen to all of your wonderful works, and we appreciate your patience during our judging process. We have listed the pieces that we have chosen for mise-en music festival 2014 below. We hope to see you at mise-en music festival 2014, and please keep in touch! We plan to have a call for scores for mise-en music festival 2015 in July 2014. Thank you very much for your music and special thanks to all our volunteer call-for-scores judges.

ensemble mise-en

mise-en music festival 2014
Thursday, June 19 – Sunday, June 22

-Bent Sørensen

-ensemble mise-en (
-The Momenta Quartet (
-Ensemble Paramirabo (

Visiting Composers and Works
-Aaron Gervais – Se contourner se conformer
-Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh – Rules of Attraction
-Aurélio Edler-Copes – ECLIPSIS
-Balint Bolcso – A Bloomy Girl
-Benjamin Oliver – Momentum
-Bernhard Eder – Abschied (Farewell)
-Bofan Ma – Beclouded
-Christopher Preissing – Transgression
-Christopher Danforth – An Awful Lot Of Beeps
-Chun Ting Pang – Vocalize the Voicelessness
-Edo Frenkel – so//nata, for violin
-Fang-Wei Luo – Silent Hills
-Georgia Spiropoulos – BRUT
-Gideon Gee-Bum Kim – Kangkangsullae
-Jaeseong You – Dance Music 5
-Karen Keyhani – Only That Spark and Nothing More
-Kari Besharse – Omphalos
-Keeril Makan – Becoming Unknown
-Kirsten Volness – Nocturne
-Kyle Rowan – White; an elegy
-Kyong Mee Choi – Tender Spirit I
-Matthew Peterson – Näcken
-Nicholas Omiccioli – flourishes
-Robin Heifetz – Lost in the Scatter
-Rodrigo Bussad – Loin
-Scott Rubin – the Torn Cubist
-Sebastian Hilli – Kohta
-Sergey Khismatov – Wood with Threads
-Su Lee – Soundless Cry
-SukJu Na – “”
-Sungji Hong – Bisbiglio
-Thomas McConville – Intro
-Tim Reed – None is Traveling
-Timothy Johnson – Bogie vs. Bacall
-TsenFang Lin – Winter Beijing
-Veronika Mayer – utopia #1. fraud, delusion, pettiness.

Special thanks to our call for scores judges:
-Akiva Zamcheck
-Aleksandra Vrebalov
-Alex Lipowski
-Cheryl Krugel-Lee
-Dan Sonenberg
-David Bloom
-David Rakowski
-Elizabeth Hoffman
-Eric Lyon
-Erik Lund
-Gianluca Verlingieri
-Hiroya Miura
-Hsiao-Lan Wang
-Ingrid Stölzel
-Jeremiah Runnels
-Karen Power
-Kurt Rohde
-Louis Karchin
-Luis Naon
-Mark Loria

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