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October 7, 2018
15 Must-Attend U.S. Music

We’ve gone state to state looking up the biggest annual shows from across the country, to bring you a music festival map of the United States. Some of these concerts were absolute no-brainers, like Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, names that are easily recognized from coast to coast, while others took a little bit of research. In Louisiana, for example, The New Orleans Jazz Fest, boasts an average attendance of more than 460, 000 jazz lovers, but it’s the Voodoo Experience, with less than 100, 000 attendants, that is far more widely recognized and buzzed about.

So why has Promotions Now created an infographic made up of the most popular and buzzworthy festivals found throughout this great musical nation? We’re going to use them to show you how businesses and organizations, both large and small, use promotional products to market themselves at massive events such as these.

Vending and marketing at a major music festival can provide you with opportunities to make money, reach new and potential customers that you would otherwise never come into contact with and build brand recognition among the masses – all while hearing some great tunes. Here’s how large and small brands are already doing it.

Bands and Stage Crews

Band Tee Shirts, Long Sleeve Tees, Hoodies and Sweatshirts are probably the most obvious and common of promotional products found at large music festivals, and with good reason. These aren’t usually given out as freebies because concert goers are more than willing to pay some serious cash for them (and then cherish them forever as mementos of a rocking good time). Moreover, they do well to promote bands, an entire show, sponsors and anything else marketers might want to squeeze into the imprint area. Fans will wear these until they practically disintegrate, all the while acting as walking billboards for every brand involved.

While they don’t exactly share the spotlight with band tees, lanyards and badge holders get their fair share of use at these grand musical events, either as identification for authorized working crews or as VIP and backstage pass holders. If you’ve ever been granted a backstage pass, you likely still have it. It is the holy grail of music festivals – and it comes complete with plenty of branding on the lanyard.


You can’t get a beer or soda at the show without seeing sponsorship logos on your drinkware. That’s because businesses who’ve sponsored these major music festivals want the attendants to know about it. The simple solution is to load up on custom printed plastic or paper cups and goods, like food trays and containers, to get plenty of brand exposure out of the munchies and refreshments served up during the show. Other common items that are tagged up by sponsors include banners, event tents and displays as well as goodies for attendees, like beach balls and foam concert hand mitts. The next time you see a crowd surfing beach ball being tossed back and forth, it might be interesting to think about all the marketing value this fun-loving activity has to offer.

Tech Companies

These would be completely alien and alarmingly futuristic at the classic music festivals from decades ago, but today they are as common as the snack stands. Mobile communications and tech companies attend music festivals looking to further grow their brand recognition as well as score some new business. From these big brands, you can expect to receive sign up specials, discounts and the occasional customized power bank or charging device. Promotional earbuds also often make their way onto the scene since music is the main focus here.

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