Summer Rock Festivals

December 11, 2017

Nickelback's No Fixed Address tour feels like a summer rock festivalIt may have just turned into Spring, but Nickelback’s “No Fixed Address” tour had the ambience of a summertime rock festival. Arriving at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Fla., it was quite evident that fans were here to party! Tailgating in South Florida is a must and Floridians can tailgate with the best of ‘em. Seriously, how many people can say they’ve pulled up to a rock concert in a thirty-foot stretch Hummer limo and pull a barbecue grill out of the trunk and a fully-stocked bar then cook up a feast? Making my way through the extensive parking lot, small bean bags were flying everywhere as cornhole seemed to be the party game of choice.

Inside the venue, the atmosphere was more than festive. People were lined-up to purchase their souvenirs and refreshments. It was no doubt a family-oriented event with fans young an old enjoying being together. A breathtaking sunset completed the pre-show festivities before the bands took the stage.

Pop Evil displayed why they’ve had three number one hits on their current album, Onyx as they got the adrenaline pumping hard. Their stage presence is amongst the best in the business, never staying in one spot for more than a few seconds with the exception of the drummer, of course. Then again, he doesn’t sit at his kit for more than a few seconds either preferring to stand while he animately keeps the beat going. They played several new tracks which was refreshing to hear.

Chad Kroeger and the rest of Nickelback are pure entertainers. They know their audience and they cater to their needs. Truly professional. They seemed to enjoy playing for the crowd as much as the crowd enjoyed watching them, if not more. Everyone seemed to be having a blast and got their money’s worth in a rock show. An experience that is unique to Nickelback shows is what they call, “Beer O’clock.” If you don’t know what I’m referring to, then go to a Nickelback show and experience for yourself. Make sure you’re in the first fifteen rows or so if you want to participate.

Summer Festival rock band (Cedar helping)
Summer Festival rock band (Cedar helping)
Madleaf - Feed Me (live at Summer Rock Festival 2005)
Madleaf - Feed Me (live at Summer Rock Festival 2005)
Summer Rock Festival Sława 2010
Summer Rock Festival Sława 2010
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